How It Works

Interworks Seamlessly Integrates with Your Business

Let’s Work Together

Sign-up and we’ll design an accounting package to meet your needs. Our software, your software. It doesn’t matter. Bookkeeping, client invoicing, bill payment, budgeting, or a one time project need. We do it all.

Develop Workflow

You will be assigned a bookkeeper. During your orientation meeting, a work flow or process will be developed – how we will communicate, document management, linking bank accounts, remote dial-in process, online access.

Define Business Goals

We believe in intelligent accounting! Our analysts will help you develop business goals so that we can monitor your progress during the year.

Intelligent Accounting

We design your accounting to help you make decisions . From recording bank transactions to client invoicing to paying your bills, all of your transactions will be coded to help you better understand your business.

What You Get

Your own accounting team

Your bookkeeper will update your accounts and answer your questions. If you need additional assistance, we have accountants and CPAs to help.

Goals to measure your performance

We create simple financial goals for our clients for free. Accounting is important, but measuring your financial numbers against a goal is just as important to the health of your business.

Access to your books

Whether we use your accounting software or ours, you will always have access to financial information so that you can make the best decisions

Bank Grade security

Your information is always safe with 256-bit AES encryption and two-step verification.)

Document storage and management

You will have an online document storage system to store vendor invoices, contracts, human resource files, and financial reports

Tax Time Support

We provide tax-ready financials, and work with your tax preparer to make sure your taxes are done on-time.

Intelligent Accounting

We design your accounting to be intelligent. Your accounting information will not only be ready for your tax preparer, but it will also be designed to provide useful information to help you make decisions and safe guard your profitability and cash flow.

Accounting Services

We can be your entire accounting department or individual functions.

Outsourced Accounting Department

We become your accounting department – ongoing bookkeeping, invoicing your clients, paying your vendors, handling your payroll, and financial reporting.

Bookkeeping Services
(Starting at $200 / month)

We record your bank and credit card transactions in our accounting software or yours. Account reconciliations, financial reporting included.

Other Ad Hoc Accounting Needs

Accounting cleanup, software setup, one-time project accounting, financial analysis. What ever your financial need, we’re here to help.

Payroll Services
(Starting at $80 / month)

We’ll process your payroll, pay your taxes, and provide w-2s at year-end.

Client Invoicing & A/R Management

Create sales invoices and email/mail to client. Email monthly client statements and call past due clients. Report and review aging accounts receivable.

Vendor Bill Payment & A/P Management

Record and pay vendor bills. Record vendor, debit card, PayPal and electronic payments. Reconcile vendor statements.

CFO Services

Work with businesses that have an in-house bookkeeping staff. Our CFO services help you contain costs, increase profitability, manage cash flow and plan for the future. We are here to help you grow your business.

KPI Development

Accurate & timely metrics based on business information are the foundation of good decision making. Our approach involves collaborating with you to create a consistent framework for making business decisions with confidence.

Business Benchmarking

Business benchmarking shows how your operational performance compares to your peers and to industry leaders, and helps you identify the most promising areas for business process engineering initiatives.

Financial Modeling

Financial modeling is always needed to understand issues, identify opportunities, or plan for the future. Examples are annual budgets, long-term plans, service/product pricing, product/project profitability, scenario planning, labor modeling, breakeven analysis.


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